The Advantages of Working With a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Why should you pick a healthcare staffing agency when you are looking for an opening?

There’s been a lot of negative reports about healthcare staffing firms in the past. This is mostly due to certain agencies’ inability to get their applicants jobs or the poor working conditions in the facilities where they work. Not to mention that some agencies are overworking their clinicians Staff Augmentation and underpay them. Even though some of these stories are true, healthcare staffing firms that are legitimate, professional and dedicated provide a wealth of benefits to anyone who is looking for a job. Here are some reasons why you should consider using an agency to get an employment in a healthcare facility.

immediate access to the top opportunities: In order toTranslate to English  reduce costs and minimize the management attention necessary in managing complex hiring procedures, a number of facilities including some of the best and largest, outsource recruitment and other human resource management tasks to staffing agencies for healthcare. When facilities begin working with staffing agencies, they are the first to be aware about any open positions being offered by the facilities. Not only do these agencies receive the most current information about the facility’s needs as well as announcements about jobs that might not be immediately accessible to the public.

Career Counseling and Industry Experimentation Established agencies their years of experience within the field has created them as experts when dealing with human resource concerns. Since they have been recruiters who have worked in a variety of scenarios with applicants, they can offer suggestions for how you can maximise your potential using the many choices they offer. Your recruiter will be able to spend longer time to talk with you. Furthermore, a few of them even provide personality and character tests. This means that they’ll have a comprehensive review of your capabilities qualities, qualifications and other traits and will be able to intelligently advise you. Be aware that these organizations would like you to work in an environment where you could excel as they are compensated by the caliber of employees they bring to their facility — quality which is measured by your work performance.

QUALITY SUPPORT SYSTEM: Although the human resource departments at different facilities vary in their offerings however, the support they can offer its healthcare staff is usually no match to the support services offered by a healthcare staffing agency can give its applicants. Facilities are focused on patient treatment and work with you in providing the highest level of care as healthcare staffing organizations are able to concentrate on you as- the provider of care. They are skilled and committed to helping you succeed in your career. They will ensure that you feel at ease and adapting well to the new position. The staffing firms will strive to place you in an area where you feel most secure and they will also provide accommodation and relocation assistance should it be required. They can even make follow-up calls to check if you are adjusting well to your new job and new work environment. With their many years of experience helping health professionals in their work, they know and can offer you what you need to do to make the most of your profession.

IMMIGRATION SUPPORT: It is evident that the current shortage of nurses has provided special pathways for nurses who have been trained abroad to become US immigrants. However, many of the facilities do not have the capacity, the time or personnel to assist you with the process of completing your immigration papers to be legal to remain working in the US. The healthcare staffing companies have dedicated departments whose main goal is to find applicants from countries other than the US. The in-house department is staffed with experienced personnel who are aware of the requirements for immigration. They will guide you through how to complete the requirements for licensure, and their assistance could extend to aiding you in finding housing in the location you have been assigned.

While the benefits and services that agencies offer differ however, what they are able to offer you will be extremely useful in getting you the best job that will fit your skills, personality and personal preferences. If you select the right healthcare staffing firm to find job opportunities, you’ll get access to the best healthcare opportunities out there, along with top-quality service that’s sure to get you on the path to professional top-quality.

CHARMAINE TEODORO is Senior Vice-President of JUNO Healthcare Staffing, a group of companies that recruit RNs, LVNs, CNAs as well as other healthcare professionals. It deploys them to hospitals on a full-time, part-time, per diem or on a travel mission. It also offers foreign-trained RNs for immigration into the US.

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