How Can I Become An Innovative Person?

We hear the term “innovation” frequently, and it’s incredible that sometimes, what qualifies as innovation when this buzzword is talked about. We who are creative and innovative are aware that our chances of achievement are better than those with less talent and attributes. Perhaps this is why so many people seek to learn how to be innovative. It certainly looks great on an resume, and a lot of job descriptions contain one or two phrases in them like searching for someone who is an innovative self-starter. Let’s discuss innovation to try to find a way to position you as someone known to be innovative.

Innovation is the result of combining observations and Solutions from Other Domains

Most who’ve thought about it long enough are aware that the most successful innovations within a particular field result by borrowing ideas or portions of ideas from different industries or domains. Most of the innovators I know say that the majority of their ideas originate from them this way. If that’s the case, then we don’t need to educate students about innovation at all, rather we just need more polymaths and individuals with extensive experience in a wide range of fields.

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Unfortunately, this would mean that all the “Innovation Gurus’ are not working and delivering a small number of seminars , because until their students gained more experience in different areas of life and work, the participants would not be able to apply the methods taught or have enough knowledge to be a future contender among the top innovation leaders.

Of course, the most frightening part that this theory of re-combination to generate innovation implies that it’s easy to teach . If this is the case, everyone can master it, so maybe that’s why everyone is trying to be a specialist in this “innovation coach” generalist category today. When someone has experience and understanding and is able to utilize information from one field to another the same area, they could become innovators or at the very least, proficient in the most common kind of innovation which is.

If you’ve participated in sports and have learned some of the strategies and tactics used to win . Then, you can use something similar in a business scenario to improve selling a service. Perhaps you had a short period of time at a summer job and realized that the things you learned there could be used at the company you work for or volunteer at. Perhaps you have a kitchen utensil at home that could also be good for doing a task at work, with just a slight modification. There’s your chance to innovate. Make it a priority. You should think about it regularly and early.

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