Is the New Google News Only a High-Tech Echo Chamber Now?

In the early days when Google News first launched The goal of Google was to capitalize on the lucrative daily newspaper that millions of Americans relied on to start their day. In the majority of cases, Google News did succeed in making people turn away from their traditional newspaper to browse its extensive listing each morning. When the news broke that Google has revamped its entire service, there were a lot of people looking to find out how much their tried and tested Google News was altered. According to most reports, the change has been an improvement and has changed huge areas of the service however, crucial aspects that make up Google News’s Google News experience have been unaffected.

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The updated and upgraded Google News continues to display the latest news stories in the middle of the screen. However, the right-hand side is used to fill up on the biggest global events. This is the feature that Google is now calling its Spotlight and the space includes many local news stories in addition. While the previous Google News had twin columns of news stories arranged in categories on its main webpage, this new layout is a single column. It appears that it was designed in order to make things less cluttered and visually, but the result all around is one of increased complexity. Let’s look at the most important aspects of all which has been changed in Google News.

The first thing you’ll will notice about Google News now is that it’s easy to customize it. The brand new every day News for You service will provide you with local news that is customized as well as socially edited reading materials. The news sites that you most frequently read, are pushed into the top of the list as well. The news source that you find regularly to be the most appealing will typically be placed higher than the majority of information available. The site also has the function of sharing with others. Every article that have the same thread is put together to highlight the latest sources of information related to the topic.

Of course, the ability to personalize your news sources so that you only get to hear what is pleasing to you is not the only reason that people consider reading important. To have multiple filters working to filter all the world around you, it ensures that you are only able to hear things you are comfortable with. The less exposure you have to opinions that are contrary to your personal beliefs, the less educated you will be, resulting with a negative impression.

However, as it is Google News doesn’t go on to become the sole source of information about the world, but instead serves as a supplement to it the changes will be very productive.

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